Yoga classes

  • Exercice guide Percussion massage, Yoga mat + 2 in 1 strap, Foam Roller

  • Maintenance guide Yoga mat + 2 in 1 strap

    These exercices can be done before your workout as a warm-up or right after your workout to recover. The maintenance guide offers you tips to preserve the condition of your yoga mat.

  • 1
    Tutorial on how to use the Lolë Prima percussion massager, an excellent tool for muscle recovery
  • 2
    Take your practice to the next level with our yoga strap
  • 3
    The resistance band combined with the foam roller is the perfect accessory to intensify your workouts
  • 4
    The series of exercices to work and relieve tensions in your back, neck, legs and glutes
  • 5
    The yoga tutorial helps you to relax while strenghening your muscles and increasing your flexibility
  • 6
    The maintenance gudie shows you how to clean your yoga mat quickly and gently
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