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Day 17
Cardio core interval training on the ball

Do the warm-up provided on Day 1 and then complete each of the proposed exercises, one after the other. Jump rope for one minute between each of the exercises.

If you don’t have a ball at home, you can redo the Day 2 session to tone your abs.
Heart Rate
60% to 80% Max HR
Moderate to high
25 minutes
The exercise ball is an excellent training tool because it contributes to developing stability by soliciting the stabilizer muscles, as well as the muscles involved in each exercise.

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Karine Larose
Kinesiologist and Director of Communications at Nautilus Plus, fitness columnist and motivational trainer. Karine is the author of several books on adopting healthy lifestyle habits and the star of '30 minutes par jour pour Vivre Plus' a series of best-selling exercise DVDs.