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Day 3
Sun Salutation

Do three sun salutations. Follow the sequence of the salutation poses while being mindful of inhaling or exhaling during each of them. The downward dog and the warrior (lunge) should be maintained for three to five full breaths.
Heart Rate
60% Max HR
Low to moderate
5 minutes
The sun salutation is a means of expressing our gratitude to the sun, this source of life and energy! It is a sequence of 12 poses that engages the entire body and provides numerous benefits, including improved muscle tone and flexibility. Depending on the speed at which the movements are done, the heart rate can increase rather quickly! The sun salutation is a complete exercise and can be used as warmup for the poses or can be done by itself in just 3 to 10 minutes.

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Karine Larose
Kinesiologist and Director of Communications at Nautilus Plus, fitness columnist and motivational trainer. Karine is the author of several books on adopting healthy lifestyle habits and the star of '30 minutes par jour pour Vivre Plus' a series of best-selling exercise DVDs.