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About us

The Lolë life

Caring for ourselves and our community. Creating a more sustainable future. Inspiring people to feel good at every moment of the day.

Born in Montreal

If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to dress for the seasons. In a city that sees temperatures drop to a frigid -40 C in the winter and rise to a balmy +35 C in the summer, we’ve mastered dressing for each season (and everything in between).

Lolë was created in 2002 by Evelyn Trempe when she spotted a gap in women’s technical outerwear. She noticed that the selection of women’s travel and outerwear was bland and lacked style. So she set off on a mission to create an inspiring collection for women who want to get out there and live out loud every day.

Fast-forward to today, Lolë has evolved into a global brand with a mission to inspire mindfulness. From smart consumption to unique experiences, we create to make you feel good, day and night, at work or play, year after year.

Wellness is a lifestyle

It’s more than just caring for ourselves. It’s about taking care of our community and our planet. That’s why we create high-quality, versatile clothing that will keep up with you on your wellness journey. Activewear made with technical fabrics that moves with you and inspires you to push yourself further. Outerwear designed to protect you from the elements and keep you warm and dry. Lifestyle pieces that are comfortable and versatile enough to wear from the studio to the street (and everywhere in between).

Smart consumption (not more consumption)

Timeless, durable and versatile – that’s how we design our collections. Our philosophy is to create pieces that will look good and last long so you don’t have to repurchase them year after year. It’s in this spirit that we created the Yellow Label Program; an initiative that encourages consumers to give gently-used coats a second life and spread the warmth to those in need. We are constantly working to improve our supply chain practices, whether it’s working with manufacturers who help drive improvements in sustainability or finding opportunities to use recycled materials wherever possible to reduce the footprint we leave behind.