Live Out Loud Every Day at Lolë.

We are experiencing BIG and  stellar changes that allow for unique opportunities and the chance to have a true impact on the future of our business.


We are a worldwide community.

We bring our clothing to life with intention and actively working towards a more sustainable future. This is accomplished not just by the clothes we design, but through creative initiatives and community events.

Simply put…. At Lolë, we truly believe that life is beautiful, if we choose to make it so.


We strive to have a positive impact.

Our core values are composed of the following: an entrepreneurial spirit, an eco/social-conscious philosophy and a belief in wellness and growth.

We know that our social and environmental impact matters: We pride ourselves on partnering with industry leaders who provide us with some of the best textiles, including the Primary loft, vegan down, Oeko-Tex, and Bluesign and Repreve technologies — all at the forefront of the sustainability movement.


We are your four-season brand.

No matter the season or sweaty endeavor, Lolë has you covered. We create functional pieces with exceptional comfort and durability to serve all your adventures, all year long.


We are the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Joining our team means joining the ranks of a brand in the midst of redefining itself. You’ll experience the benefits of a smaller team; one that runs on entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork. Working for Lolë means working for a company where the CEO knows your name and nobody’s work goes unnoticed.

We’re Hiring!

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Our Team at a Glance

Jeffrey Rose

Customer Service Manager

“I love that you are empowered to be proactive in your job. Ideas are openly shared and always taken into consideration.”

Mina Hristozova

Store General Manager

“It’s an exciting time to be in the retail industry! People are looking to connect with and be seen by the brands they choose and love. The sincerity with which we do this is something I take a lot of pride in.”


Todd Steele


Welcome to Lolë Brands. We design and produce apparel that is detailed yet simple, easy yet elegant, durable, sustainable, and affordable. Our goal is to craft solutions suited for everyone leading an active, multi- faceted life year-around. In doing so, we challenge ourselves to account for the true cost of doing business, understanding the impact we have on the environment and those that help make our goods around the globe.

Over the last year as our lives were impacted by the global pandemic, we were proud to create products that helped our customers to access the outdoors and to focus on wellness no matter the season nor weather.

We are optimists and live each day hopeful that what lies ahead is a greater good lit by the lessons of the past. We are seekers of both inspiration and information in the interest of cultivating the best experience of life possible.

Come work with us.

What are you waiting for?!

Join our team now!

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