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Terms and conditions - Reviews

Last modified: 29 September 2021

Please read carefully this terms before visiting Lolë's website at the following URL: www.lolelife.com (the “Site”).

Services "Rates and customers reviews"


Welcome to Lolë Brands Inc. (“Lolë”) “Customer Notes and Comments” service. This service allows you to submit Notices (as defined below) via the https://www.lolelife.com/en-ca/women website (the “Site”) about Products (as defined below) that you have used (the “Service”). In order to submit a Notice, you must read the Terms of Use (as defined below). For the purposes of these terms, the term “Notice” refers, individually, to the opinion, comment, information or recommendation that you submit through the Service, in connection with your personal use of a product marketed under the Lolë brand (the “Product”). The Notice includes the award of a rating (which can vary from one to five stars) that reflects your actual appreciation of the Product.

Frequently asked questions

Please find below the most frequently asked questions.

How do I publish a review?

a) Go on the Website

b) Select a product that you have already used and bought online or in store

c) Comment it by filling the submission form.

In order to be published, the review must comply with the Terms of Use, including the Guidelines (as defined below). The review may be reviewed before being published to ensure its compliance with these terms.

Am I entitled to a compensation or any other benefit in exchange for my review?

Lolë can offer you a compensation or other benefit, such as a participation in a contest or a free product, in exchange for submitting a review.

Does the review have to follow certain rules?

The review must follow the following guidelines (the “Guidelines”):

• The review should adequately reflect your genuine experience with the Product

• The review must not be contrary to morals, public order, and any applicable laws or regulations;

• The review must not contain comments that denigrate, are defamatory, offensive, obscene, racist or violent;

• The review must not be false or misleading;

• The review shall not refer, directly or indirectly, to third parties, including without limitation, competitors of Lolë;

• The review should not contain any personal information (for example, your name and contact information);

• The review should not contain any comments on the safety of the Product;

• The review must not contain computer viruses, worms or other potentially harmful programs or computer files.

Lolë may verify your review before it is published, to ensure its compliance with the Terms of Use, including the above Guidelines.

When will my Notice be published?

Subject to compliance with the Terms of Use, a review is generally published on the Site within two (2) to ten (10) business days following its submission. Lolë cannot, however, guarantee that this deadline will always be met.

Is it possible to modify my Notice?

Once the Notice is submitted, Lolë does not guarantee you the possibility of modifying or removing it.

Where will my Notice be published?

If it complies with the Terms of Use, including the Guidelines, your Notice may be published on the Site, which is accessible from Canada.

In accordance with the Terms of Use, Lolë could also use your review in other media and format. For example, it is possible that Lolë (i) publishes your review on its website accessible from the Unites States or from Europe. In such a case, Lolë would, as far as possible, mention the origin of the review

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